I am an artist from Sydney Australia, and I have drawn and painted for as long as I can remember.

My painting style is mostly abstract and semi-abstract. I adore poetry and music, and beautiful prose often touches me deeply, providing inspiration for paintings.

Stories, poetry, music, nature, the cosmos and quiet moments of reflection and meditation are my vision boards.

Watercolour is my favourite medium, for the luminosity, pure colours and mystical effects possible. As a medium watercolour is very unpredictable, so it’s challenging to work with, but I love the demand when painting with it.

My painting style is influenced by an ancient Chinese method called Mo-Ku that predates calligraphy, where many layers (or glazes) are applied for each painting.

I have studied numerous art techniques including attending the Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney for classical drawing and painting skills; sumi-e brushstroke painting and botanical drawing and painting. I draw on all of these disciplines in my art practice.

All of my paintings are created on Arches handmade watercolour paper, with Winsor and Newton Professional watercolour paints. I sell original paintings and Giclée fine art prints of museum grade quality. The prints provide so many creative options – the artwork can be vastly enlarged and printed onto art paper, canvas, glass and other mediums.

I hope you enjoy the paintings and they inspire you in your creative journey,