About the artist

Catherine Madro, Artist Sydney NSW Australia

Catherine Madro | Watercolour Artist

Artist Statement

Catherine Madro is a Sydney based artist who has always been inspired to draw and paint.

For her, art is a way to explore mystery, symbolism and deeper meaning, and she constantly seeks to articulate these feelings and ideas in her works.

Catherine finds that poetry, music, myth, and times of deep stillness stimulate the creative process and provide her with creative inspiration.  Living on the east coast of Australia, she is also immersed in the beauty and magic of the natural world including the ocean, plants and the vast night sky. 

She exhibits regularly in both solo and group exhibitions, selling original paintings and Giclée fine art prints of museum grade quality.

Catherine’s Art Background 

Catherine has studied numerous art techniques including classical drawing and painting at the Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney, Australia; sumi-e brushstroke painting, and botanical drawing and painting.

Watercolour is her main medium of choice due to the luminosity, pure colours and mystical effects possible.

She has also extensively explored an ancient Chinese painting method called Mo-Ku, or ink splash, that predates calligraphy. It is very flowing and can incorporate many layers, or glazes, in each painting.  This is the most mysterious method of watercolour painting and is her favourite, and she also enjoys combining this method with the other techniques she uses.